We believe in photographs, like we believe in weight or years. We want to believe them, what they constitute, and what they quantify. However, like weight or years, photographs only offer you an idea, a rounded out answer. The photograph will convince you that it is what you want, it is what you need, it is what you are. In my writing and photography, I am challenging that notion of photography by assessing my own expectations of it. I am addressing photography both as an individual and as a larger narcissistic-imperialistic abuser, who is done convincing me that it shows me “facts” or “truth”, who I am done expecting love to come from. We are conditioned to create a truth from a photograph similar to how we are predisposed to expect and rely on love during childhood– subjectively and wrongly. To be relieved of that pain of stretching out my arms is one of the best feelings in the world. It is not that I am lighter, it is that I am taller. I can see better now.

b. 2000, from Huntingtown, MD. Lily is currently a senior in The School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University for her BFA with a minor in Photography.



Carnegie Mellon University BFA AUGUST 2018 -PRESENT, PITTSBURGH, PA

Huntingtown High School SEPTEMBER 2014 - MAY 2018, HUNTINGTOWN, MD

Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Art and Industrial Design JULY 2016, PITTSBURGH, PA

Virginia Commonwealth University Pre-College Art JULY 2015, RICHMOND, VA